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Baxters Airports If you've been waiting for several years to return to Baxters, this beautiful place of 0 inhabitants, now is the time to design a plan for this trip and so take your time from the minute 0, just get off the plane, to enjoy as much as possible of your vacation.

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List of Airports next to Baxters

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 Louisville Stagefield Army Heliport(Located 9.36 Km)
Louisville Stagefield Army Heliport Enon ,Pike County ,Alabama ,USA 
 Clayton Municipal Airport(Located 16.64 Km)
Clayton Municipal Airport Clayton ,Barbour County ,Alabama ,USA 
 Brundidge Municipal Airport(Located 21.25 Km)
Brundidge Municipal Airport Brundidge ,Pike County ,Alabama ,USA 
 Dale Medical Center Heliport(Located 34.33 Km)
Dale Medical Center Heliport Ozark ,Dale County ,Alabama ,USA 
 Molinelli Stagefield Army Heliport(Located 36.15 Km)
Molinelli Stagefield Army Heliport Marley Mill ,Dale County ,Alabama ,USA 
 Blackwell Field(Located 36.44 Km)
Blackwell Field Ozark ,Dale County ,Alabama ,USA 
 Abbeville Municipal Airport(Located 36.77 Km)
Abbeville Municipal Airport Abbeville ,Henry County ,Alabama ,USA 
 Goldberg Stagefield Army Heliport(Located 39.85 Km)
Goldberg Stagefield Army Heliport Lewis ,Dale County ,Alabama ,USA 
 Hooper Stagefield Army Heliport(Located 40.11 Km)
Hooper Stagefield Army Heliport Pleasant Hill ,Dale County ,Alabama ,USA 
 Smart Road Airport(Located 40.27 Km)
Smart Road Airport Hephzibah ,Pike County ,Alabama ,USA