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List of Airports next to Bronx

 Evers Seaplane Base(Located 4.24 Km)
Evers Seaplane Base Country Club ,Bronx County ,New York ,USA 
 Edo Seaplane Base(Located 7.38 Km)
Edo Seaplane Base College Point ,Queens County ,New York ,USA 
 Astoria Heliport(Located 8.04 Km)
Astoria Heliport Steinway ,Queens County ,New York ,USA 
 La Guardia Airport (LGA)(Located 8.08 Km)
La Guardia Airport (LGA) North Beach ,Queens County ,New York ,USA 
 Landmark Plaza Heliport(Located 8.27 Km)
Landmark Plaza Heliport Malba ,Queens County ,New York ,USA 
 George Washington Bridge Heliport(Located 8.38 Km)
George Washington Bridge Heliport Fort Lee ,Bergen County ,New Jersey ,USA 
 Flushing Airport (FLU)(Located 8.40 Km)
Flushing Airport (FLU) Malba ,Queens County ,New York ,USA 
 Graphic Scanning Corporation Heliport(Located 11.23 Km)
Graphic Scanning Corporation Heliport Englewood ,Bergen County ,New Jersey ,USA 
 Pfister Helistop(Located 12.59 Km)
Pfister Helistop Ridgefield Park ,Bergen County ,New Jersey ,USA 
 Palisades General Hospital Heliport(Located 12.61 Km)
Palisades General Hospital Heliport Guttenberg ,Hudson County ,New Jersey ,USA