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 Roger M. Dreyer Memorial Airport(Located 11.98 Km)
Roger M. Dreyer Memorial Airport Gonzales ,Gonzales County ,Texas ,USA 
 Joye Ranch Airport(Located 23.83 Km)
Joye Ranch Airport Smiley ,Gonzales County ,Texas ,USA 
 Gottwald Field(Located 25.63 Km)
Gottwald Field Harwood ,Gonzales County ,Texas ,USA 
 Glen Beicker Ranch Airport(Located 27.08 Km)
Glen Beicker Ranch Airport Belmont ,Gonzales County ,Texas ,USA 
Seton Edgar B. Davis Hospital Heliport Luling ,Caldwell County ,Texas ,USA 
 Wilbourn Ranch Airport(Located 29.72 Km)
Wilbourn Ranch Airport Sandy Fork ,Gonzales County ,Texas ,USA 
 Lackorn Airport(Located 31.67 Km)
Lackorn Airport Dugger ,Guadalupe County ,Texas ,USA 
 Gerum Farm Airport(Located 33.67 Km)
Gerum Farm Airport Midway ,Lavaca County ,Texas ,USA 
 The Carter Memorial Airport(Located 34.67 Km)
The Carter Memorial Airport Joliet ,Caldwell County ,Texas ,USA 
 Joe Fleming Field(Located 34.88 Km)
Joe Fleming Field Dugger ,Guadalupe County ,Texas ,USA