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List of Airports next to Los angeles

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 Flying Hare Airport(Located 15.02 Km)
Flying Hare Airport Dull ,La Salle County ,Texas ,USA 
 Cotulla-La Salle County(Located 21.53 Km)
Cotulla-La Salle County Cotulla ,La Salle County ,Texas ,USA 
 Dilley Airpark(Located 30.58 Km)
Dilley Airpark Hilltop ,Frio County ,Texas ,USA 
 Herradura Lodge Airport(Located 31.72 Km)
Herradura Lodge Airport Dull ,La Salle County ,Texas ,USA 
 Uno Mas Ranch Airport(Located 31.72 Km)
Uno Mas Ranch Airport Artesia Wells ,La Salle County ,Texas ,USA 
 Los Cuernos Ranch Airport(Located 34.47 Km)
Los Cuernos Ranch Airport Artesia Wells ,La Salle County ,Texas ,USA 
 Morris Ranch Airport(Located 34.60 Km)
Morris Ranch Airport Dull ,La Salle County ,Texas ,USA 
 Mc Donald Ranch Airport(Located 34.87 Km)
Mc Donald Ranch Airport Millett ,La Salle County ,Texas ,USA 
 Ghost Apache Airport(Located 37.14 Km)
Ghost Apache Airport Dull ,La Salle County ,Texas ,USA 
 Jay Kay Ranch Airport(Located 37.14 Km)
Jay Kay Ranch Airport Melon ,Frio County ,Texas ,USA