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Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport (ALM) Omlee ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
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Alamogordo White Sands Regional Airport (ALM) Omlee ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 

List of Airports next to Omlee

 Holloman Air Force Base(Located 12.75 Km)
Holloman Air Force Base Holloman Air Force Base ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
 Mesa Verde Ranch Strip Airport(Located 12.89 Km)
Mesa Verde Ranch Strip Airport Kearney ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
 Otero Mill Airport(Located 13.50 Km)
Otero Mill Airport La Luz ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
 Gorby Ranch Airport(Located 14.26 Km)
Gorby Ranch Airport Kearney ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
 Keelin Heliport(Located 15.38 Km)
Keelin Heliport Kearney ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
 Beckett Farm Airport(Located 24.93 Km)
Beckett Farm Airport Tularosa ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
 Timberon Airport(Located 34.94 Km)
Timberon Airport Timberon ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
 Ihs Hospital Heliport(Located 41.00 Km)
Ihs Hospital Heliport Mescalero ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
 Three Rivers Ranch Airport(Located 55.30 Km)
Three Rivers Ranch Airport Three Rivers ,Otero County ,New Mexico ,USA 
 Ruidoso Heliport(Located 63.94 Km)
Ruidoso Heliport Ponderosa Heights ,Lincoln County ,New Mexico ,USA