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U S Naval Hospital San Diego Heliport San Diego ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
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U S Naval Hospital San Diego Heliport San Diego ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
San Diego Police Headquarters Heliport San Diego ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 

List of Airports next to San diego

San Diego International Airport (SAN) Five Points ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
Mercy Hospital & Medical Center Heliport University Heights ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
Turner Field/Amphibious Base Heliport Coronado ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
 Kgtv-10 Parking Lot Heliport(Located 5.56 Km)
Kgtv-10 Parking Lot Heliport East San Diego ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
North Island Naval Air Station-Halsey Field La Playa ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
 Paradise Valley Hospital Heliport(Located 7.85 Km)
Paradise Valley Hospital Heliport National City ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
Childrens Hospital and Health Center Heliport Serra Mesa ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
 Montgomery Field(Located 11.26 Km)
Montgomery Field Serra Mesa ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
 Parking Lot Heliport(Located 15.08 Km)
Parking Lot Heliport Fruitdale ,San Diego County ,California ,USA 
 Grossmont Hospital Heliport(Located 15.84 Km)
Grossmont Hospital Heliport Grossmont ,San Diego County ,California ,USA